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Fully Integrated Issue Management Software

Project Assistant (PA) is a software application that makes bug tracking, issue tracking, Tasks Management, Change Control, Time and Project Management easy and efficient.

PA as a familiar user interface and is completely configurable to suit your individual project need. The majority of information is entered via drop down boxes which can be populated

Project Assistant Modules

Feature Summary

Integrated Database

Create a centralised TQ database located on your server and shared by all project members. All technical queries are stored in a user secure Access database.

Export with Excel / PDF

Quickly export your project data directly to MS excel, PDF, Rich Text, or any of many other supported formats using built-in export functions.

Completely User Configurable

Project Assistant is 100% configurable and gives you control over user security. Create and manage your own security profiles from read only to full access.

Built-in Screen Capture

Capture screen shots or document extracts and include them in your data by simply capturing the image and pasting in to any of the editors.

Built-in Spell Checker

Calendar events can be automatically generated from any of the issue management registers and then displayed on the calendar for all user to see.

Email Notifications

You can setup Project Assistant to send email notifications on certain events. Supports SMTP and Microsoft Exchange

Create Custom Tags

Although PA comes pre-configured with a wide variety of status tags, it is fully customisable allowing you to create you own tag text and icon.

Create Excel Style Filters.

Filter your data with no SQL experience using our Excel style filter feature. Also filter as you type is supported

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