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Technical Query Register

Create, track and manage all of your client queries.

During the execution of many of your projects, you will at some time have a need for further clarifications and client response to your questions and "What If" scenarios. Tracking these questions and subsequent responses can be a difficult task.

Project Assistant's Technical query manager will allow you and your team members to create, track, and confirm all of your queries and subsequent client responses.

Feature List

  • Create a central TQ database shared by all project members.
  • Track each TQ for client response and current status.
  • Create Reports/Charts of TQ status with a single mouse click.
  • Change the status of the TQ at any time with a single mouse click.
  • Create popup reminders if a TQ has not been responded to.
  • Create advanced filters with no SQL experience at all.
  • Filter data using excel-like auto filter menus.
  • Quick reports converts display to hard copy instantly.
  • User configurable Status groups and status images.
  • Spell as you type spell.

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