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Configuration Management

Control Configuration Items and Revisions .

Electronic Configuration Management has become a requirement for most modern software projects, particularly on projects that have high quality assurance requirements such as BS EN 50128 / 60158

By accepting links from other activities such as the Defects Manager, technical Query Manager and Change Request Manager, the CI register can display at a glance what issues have been raised and what the current status is. This unique feature offers a vital new level of traceability for each registered item

Feature List

  • Register Configuration Items to a central database.
  • Create / Track Configuration Item Revisions.
  • Create User configurable status and workflow information.
  • Add / Edit and Delete CI revisions while main CI still visible.
  • Import / Create new CI's from file on drive or scan entire folders.
  • At a glance revision history.
  • See all issues raised and get current status of each.
  • Be sure there is nothing outstanding.
  • Change traceability.
  • Export your data to PDF or Excel files.

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