Project Assistant

Project Assistant is an integrated project management tool giving you visability and control over a number control systems such as Design Change Control, Tasks and Configuration Management.

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msgManager is an outlook add-in management tool designed to assign emails to a project register as back them up as ".msg" files.

Packed with many time saving features, msgManager improves your productivity from by extending the functionality of MS outlook.

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Version Watcher

Version Watcher, automatically monitors your files for change and then makes backups of the files while you are working.

Just tell Version Watcher which folder to monitor and which file types to back up and let the software do the rest

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Folder Backup

Create backup profiles and easily create zip files of your folders.

Create and save folder lists, select a backup convention and then simply backup

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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10
Version: 4.3
Trial Version: 30 days

Defects Tracking

Integrates Software Development, Change Control and Defect Tracking from the start of your lifecycle.

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Task Management

Allows you and your team members to create, Assign, and track, project tasks. You can even assign your own defined status information.

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Design Change Control

Provides your organization with standardised change management procedures and direct linking to project tasks.

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Issue management

Project Assistant helps you to identify, notify, track and resolve project issues as quickly as possible. This visibility helps to bring any issues to a successful conclusion.

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Email Management

Automatically assign project numbers to your emails as you send and then register the email in a project database to improve your quality control procedures.

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Configuration Management

Project Assistant's CI Register will make controlling configuration items and their revisions a much more simple process, bringing status accounting to the forefront.

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